Ye Olde Veg Plot

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As you know I have a little green fingers.

The runner Beans are coming on, and the Sun Flowers at each end of the run are nice and sturdy now!

I got to dig up the onions and potatoes, then weed the plot

The gooseberries are coming to an end, so I feel a pie coming on! On home leave next week(?) so I might just bake a pie!

Marrows/cucumbers are slow to grow in the greenhouses, and the tomatoes are not much better

WE NEED SOME prolonged SUN

Ah the salad tray (gutering) has been a little dispointing! The herbs basically failed. Possible over watering with NO sun!. Anyway, the coriander is sprouting well, and the Little Gem Lettuce is coming along. The Spring (Salad) onions are really slow to show!

the trench, is slowly draining so I will have to dig the center out, and apply compost! Then, I can plant out the beetroot, Sprouts, and Leeks!


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