Pit Bull puppies at concert dilemna

Hello all,
I just joined this site due to a discussion at my workplace last week. I work for a NO KILL animal shelter in Northern California. We put on a fund raiser each year called Woofstock. We have big named bands play...well retired big named bands for the most part. We had Edgar Winter last year, Iron Butterfly the year before and before that was Leon Russell. Some of you will have absolutely no idea who these bands are...don't worry, it's a generation thing.

Anyway back to the main topic. I had suggested trying to get Ozzy to play for 2009. We probably couldn't afford him but it was an idea. One of my co-workers said she wouldn't want Ozzy to play due to the fact that some time ago there were some Pit Bull puppies brought to one of his concerts. According to legend (probably Urgan Legend status) Ozzy refused to play until the puppies were killed!

I argued that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have a multitude of dogs and are dog lovers. I couldn't imagine Ozzy (or anyone except Michael Vick) wanting puppies killed before they would perform!

I decided to search for a way to contact Ozzy, Sharon, their dogs..no, not their kids to find out if this is true. So I am now on a search to see what I can do to squelch this (hopefully) disgusting rumor.

Thank you for your time,
Valerie McIntyre


  • ozzgodozzgod Posts: 122
    it's b u l l s h i t...


  • so not true good on you you didn't believe in the first place
  • gimpnoidgimpnoid Posts: 9,142
    i wouldnt think ozzy's up for that,,he might be the prince of darkness to all the non,,but for me he is the prince of kindness,,tell your co worker to stop listening to society's grape vine and to grow her own

  • Hand_of_DoomHand_of_Doom Posts: 281
    edited 10:59PM
    It's 100% false. And...it's hard enough getting Ozzy to play at Ozzfest, let alone an animal shelter.

    "I decided to search for a way to contact Ozzy, Sharon, their dogs"
    Did you mean you tried to contact Ozzy's dogs?
  • kalakala Posts: 2,099
    Ozzy? you gotta be kiding
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