anyone else who cant stand dio?

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I so tired of reading dio fanatics comments on music new sites like its so obvious ozzy is the real deal and dio is just a fake fucking dwarf idiot. his fans a re fucking stupid as shit to. its so nice that black rain is coming out soon, so no one will give afuck about dio besides his fucking loser fans. cant belive another metal singer would shit talk ozzy so bad, like jesus fucking christ, he helped create the genre.


  • I must say Im not a Dio hater but it does get pretty fucking annoying hearing all these people go on and bash Ozzy. These are the same people who if Ozzy walked into the room they would all bow down and kiss his ass.
  • i don't mind dio, but there is only 1 Ozzy!!!!

  • i cant stand dio
  • ArbuzArbuz Posts: 3
    Fuck off!!! Dio is as cool as Ozzy! But such stupid fans like you realy suck!!!
  • dont care for dio. if theres no ozzy,its not sabbath.
  • Man, I totally agree. My friends and I were at Wal-Mart hanging out.. [sadly, in NEPA that's really the only place to go without cops bitching about loitering] and my friend Justin shoved Sabbath's "The Dio Years" in my face. I told him to get that trash the fuck outta my light. What a bunch of b/s. In reality, nobody cares about Dio. When people think of Black Sabbath, they think of Ozzy automatically. Period. Bottom line, Black Rain is going to kick so much ass and everyone will continue to ignore Dio.

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  • You're right. I hate Dio Hes suck a fucking loser to shit talk one of the best Heavy metal singers in the fucking world. Dude I hate mother fuckers like that. They should all die!

    ~Ozzy Rocks. He will always rock even in his fucking grave~
  • Is this true? If so that sucks. I like Dio's solo music and always have. Same thing with Maiden. I always liked maiden and bruce dick. But when he (bruce Dick) talked shit about OZZY and pot smokers at OZZFEST 2005 I lost interest and respect. Still love the music and the rest of the band. I liked Paul Diono from the first 2 albums better anywayz.

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    Hey, Ozzy's my all time fav but Dio isn't so bad....I hated him for a while cos I didn't want anybody replacing Ozzy with Sabbath but he's a good singer...just not as good as Ozzy...btw, I dated his

    Ozzy rules!!
  • I'm a Ronnie James Dio fan. I like Ozzy a whole lot more... scratch that, I love Ozzy. Now to say Dio sucks just because he said some derogatory things about Ozzy in the past is moronic. Even Ozzy has let by gones be by gones. Plus it's about the music not some personal vendettas. Also, before calling people stupid as shit and idiots take a look in the mirror. Your spelling and grammer doesn't exactly make you look like king of the geniuses.
  • ArbuzArbuz Posts: 3
    Dio RULES!!! AND OZZY TOO... shut up "the haters" u're all stupid
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    sheesh you guys are like the dio fans, only difference is we love ozzy and talk shit of dio insteads on blabbermouth, this topic shouldnt be about dio it should be about those retards in blabbermouth commenting
    bullcrap like ozzy pls stop or sharons a bitch bla bla bla
  • Danny6Danny6 Posts: 17
    Is good to see you guys defending Ozzy so much as I've always done the same thing.....but keep on mind one thing....a long time ago a magazine asked a buck of metal bands what's the best revenge they ever had for anything...there were all kinds of answers like.."I fucked his woman" or "I beat him up"...but Ozzy gave the best answer when he said his best revenge is "succes"....after al these years he's still kicking ass and he'll always be knows as the best metal singer of all times....btw, I love Maiden and I think Dio is/was a good guys don't have to hate any other singer(unless the sing rap)cos Ozzy will always be the best.

    Ozzy rules!!
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    Ozzy is great with Sabbath so is Dio they are two completely different singers...I seen both versions live and out of respect to Ozzy they dont do any of the tunes Ozzy sang as well as they dont use the name ! anyway Dio has nothing but nice things to say about Ozzy ! As well Ozzy the same ! if you dont like Dio with sabbath thats your opinion Bottom line dont listen to Dio's music or read about him !
  • I'm a huge Ozzy fan, thats of course why i'm on this site. Both ozzy and Dio are great singers. I dislike Dio a bit for a few reasons and none are just becuz "he's dumb as shit" or cuz he replaced Ozzy. It is because he has a huge ego. He makes claims like he invented the 'devil horns" i'm sorry but that is shit! Although he has stopped blaintantly shit talking Ozzy in interviews whenever Ozzy comes up he still has this HUGE attitued like he is so much better than Ozzy, when in all actuality as far as the biz goes Ozzy has far outdone Dio by a long run. The biggest reason though is I'm just not huge into the music Dio makes. He writes about shit I'm just not into, the way he writes about dragons and medievil times and all that good and evil shit, just makes me think of a bunch of nerds hanging out in their basements playing dungeons and dragons and listening to Dio singing about "riding a fuckin tiger!"

    So it's cool to dislike Dio, its all your opinion. Just please have an actual reason to back up your opinion
  • Ozzy is great and so is Dio. they both made some amazing music with Sabbath, and i'm seeing em on saturday. if you dont like Dio, fine. but at least have a better reason than "he's stupid as shit".

    and you know what? if you dont like the comments on Blabbermouth, maybe you shouldnt be there.

  • He may be a very nice person, I don't know. However I have never cared for his music. I am a die hard Ozzy/Sabbath fan and IMO there is no other formula that works for me other than the one the includes Ozzy as Front-man.
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  • fuck dio.Ozzy is the MASTER AND COMMANDER OF ALL. I think if your here you should be ozzy all the way.If you want to be all sweet and nice and say dio is ok too you shouldn't fucking be here
  • There's no doubt that ozzy rules. But i can't understand why some of you have so much against Dio.
    after all he did come up with songs like ''Heaven and hell'' and ''neon knights''.
    Fix me!!!
  • NetteNette Posts: 18

    You know we are on this site because we all love Ozzy. We obviously would take Ozzy over Dio. But you know opinions are like ass-holes - everyone has one. I personally did not come on here to be brought down by someone who has such a horrible attitude and a shallow mind to lower himself to the same level of those who are childish enough to bad mouth Ozzy. Your attitude of "Dio is a Fucking Drawf Idiot" and "his fans are dumb as shit" is shallow and childish! You give those who know that words are just that and are true Ozzy fans and can respect the work of others at the same time, a bad name. But lets give a cliche that seems to be as childish you are acting. "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.". All I can really say is Grow Up. You cannot compare the two, it is like apples to oranges.
    Ciao, Nette
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