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Hello Everyone !

Does anyone know the name of the classic pice that Ozzy uses as his intro ?


  • ozzgodozzgod Posts: 122
    "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff

  • gimpnoidgimpnoid Posts: 9,142
    yes it is o fortuna--carl orff--and not bagging ozzy,,i dont go down that road BUT am getting sick of o fortuna being used so many times by people,movies and commercials---maybe ozzy should use randy rhoads--dee---..what do you oznoids think

  • kalakala Posts: 2,099
    The complete name in latin is "Fotuna emperatrix mundi". I love this song for starting. I went with my brother. He is not an Ozzy's fan, the only song that he sang was Fortuna emperatrix mundi. Of course he was the only one who knew the lyrics (in latin) I'm sure not even Ozzy knows it!
  • gimpnoidgimpnoid Posts: 9,142
    hey kala im after the lyrics please

  • ozzgodozzgod Posts: 122
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    these are the lyrics I found... not sure as to their accuracy, but they seem to be the same across the few websites I found them on...

    O Fortuna
    velut luna
    statu variabilis,
    semper crescis
    aut decrescis;
    vita detestabilis
    nunc obdurat
    et tunc curat
    ludo mentis aciem,
    dissolvit ut glaciem.

    Sors immanis
    et inanis,
    rota tu volubilis,
    status malus,
    vana salus
    semper dissolubilis,
    et velata
    michi quoque niteris;
    nunc per ludum
    dorsum nudum
    fero tui sceleris.

    Sors salutis
    et virtutis
    michi nunc contraria,
    est affectus
    et defectus
    semper in angaria.
    Hac in hora
    sine mora
    corde pulsum tangite
    quod per sortem
    sternit fortem,
    mecum omnes plangite!

  • Outlawtorn_13Outlawtorn_13 Posts: 714
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    this has to be the MOST ASKED ??????? of all time on this forum. SCAPEGOAT! MAKE IT STOP!

    Bleed Black Label Society
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  • gimpnoidgimpnoid Posts: 9,142
    thanx ozzgod--but what is it in english---------
    and outlawtorn --wheres scapegoat,i miss our chats

  • ozzgodozzgod Posts: 122
    it varies slightly from translation to translation depending on what source you use, but basically it's this:

    O Fortune,
    like the moon
    you are changeable,
    ever waxing
    and waning;
    hateful life
    first oppresses
    and then soothes
    as fancy takes it;
    and power,
    it melts them like ice.

    Fate, monstrous
    and empty,
    you turning wheel,
    you are malevolent,
    your favor is idle
    and always fades,
    you plague me too.
    I bare my back
    for the sport
    of your wickedness.

    In prosperity
    or in virtue
    fate is against me,
    Both in passion
    and in weakness
    fate always enslaves us.
    So at this hour
    pluck the vibrating strings;
    because fate
    brings down even the strong,
    everyone weep with me.

  • kalakala Posts: 2,099
  • gimpnoidgimpnoid Posts: 9,142
    thank you very much--for years its been bugging me...
    ozzgod your a champion

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