Get the damn album out Oz!

Zakk's been talking about working on the new Ozzy album, which tells me there should be a 2010 tour, if Ozzy can find the basement and throw some lyrics in. With BLS also working on a new album this fall, I am wondering if BLS will open for Ozzy again, with Zakk on double duty, would be pretty cool indeed! (With any luck, Sharon will play slave driver and make it so).

Off to BLS this Saturday (Seattle) and Sunday (Vancouver, BC), VIP passes for both shows with a two hour M&G in the afternoon ! Oooooooh YEAH!!!


(Hopefully I can get back to Van in time after what will be a VERY late night//early morning in Seattle.)

So come on, Ozzy, mate; pull your socks up and get the lyrics in so we can all come and bang our heads next year

"Can't stop the ringing of my funeral bell!" -Z. Wylde
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