Did you kno when you click on the pic of ozzys necklace (or any pic) from the home page it says Home > Pop > Pop Rock > Ozzy Osbourne THAT IS NOT KOOL!! OZZY IS METAL THROUGH AND THROUGH


  • hey metal for life but ozzy has said he does rock n roll,,hey look people like to pigeon hole stuff,,metal , hard rock , rock n roll...we know his music kicks arse no matter what its called

  • kalakala Posts: 2,099
    dear metal, I sugesst not to click on the pic to avoid anger
  • yeah better advice from kala

  • i know but like 1 i wanted his necklace thts what i clicked 2 i saw hannah montana on the same page as ozzy.....thts just not right

    ozzy rocks forever
  • yes life seems cruel at times--forget you saw hangova montanglement on that page lol,,you must remember that the people who do this site must have advertisement ,$ flow..hey when your watching the osbournes on tv does it have ads--same same....let your eyes filter what you see--i always say ignorance is bliss mostly,,,nothings right ..and what kala said ,,dont let anger consume you ,it'll turn to hate ,and thats wasted time,,better things to do--isnt there

  • omfg that's just rude!

    You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
    You are the heaven in my hell.
    We've been together for a long long time,
    And i just can't live without you.
    No matter what you do, i'm here for you......
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