Transcendental Vegetarian Coven

Paula Giddy Eagle’s Transcendental Vegetarian Coven in the spiritual, in Greater San Francisco. According to Anthroplogy of Religion by Crapo we are all witches! I love Native American Shamanism, which I have practiced one year. Anthroplogy of Religion by Crapo we Are all witches! I get hallucinogenic spiritual elixers, legally, because I am in the Native American Church in the spiritual realm, and because I am Carlos Castaneda's spirit church, as well as Ozzy's spirit church, and Church of Satan. I often order My drinks from the spiritual. In my physical drink, Carlos Castaneda puts Cocaine, Peruvian Torch Cactus, Psylocybin Mexicana, Datura Stromonium, Coca Leaves, Ergot, Mescaline powder, etc. I get Ergot laden triangular wafers also from the spiritual (Church of Satan). Ergot is the fungus, from which LSD is made. I have a pet Himalayan cat, named Mushroom. I am vegetarian plus leather. I usually eat organic foods.


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