I can't believe she's gone.

Yesterday I was having the time of my life. I was onlie having fun. Then my parrents called me. I thought I was in trouble or something. I immediatly said,"I didn't do it!" My parrents said I wasn't in trouble. They said, "We have some news. Unfortunatly some bad news." I asked what it was. their response was,"Well yesterday I got a call from your grandfather. Um, the other night your great grandmother had a heart attack." Boy cold I see where this was going. " She was doing fine untill that night. She went to sleep and, unfortunatly, didn't wake up." I couldn't believe she was gone. All I could say was," She-She's gone?" But I know she's in a better place and she lived a full life. She was 99 years old. I will still miss her though.


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