Your top 5 Ozzy songs

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I think it's a difficult decision....
My favourite songs are:

1 See you on the other side
2 Shot in the dark
3 Crazy train
4.I don't wanna stop
5.No more tears


  • all ozzy songs is fucking good. hell songs.
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    Sure, but there must be some favourites
  • 1. Mr.Crowley
    2. Gets Me Through
    3. Crazy Train
    4. Crazy Babies
    5. Back On Earth

    AHH i hate picking and choosing. but when i tried thinking of really good songs these 5 just popped into my head. god, i hate picking. but there are some good ones! ;]

    im running fast but getting nowhere.
    i see the light but i never get there.
  • 1. Denial
    2.Tatooed Dancer
    3. Can You Here Them?
    4. Diary Of A Madman
    5. Walk On Water




    "you are my only daughter,
    I guess I made you twice
    You look inside my other,
    He'll give you bad advice
    I will tell I'm OK,
    But deep inside I'm afraid"

    -Ozzy Osbourne-
  • For the moment, I only have Black rain and the 2 CD best-of, so I'd say :

    1: Mr Crowley
    2: Diary of a madman
    3: Perry Mason
    4: Gets me through
    5:Trap door

    Very hard choice, there are so many great songs ! :)
  • Revelation (Mother Earth) - Blizzard of Oz
    Believer - Diary of a Madman
    Sweet Leaf - if Sabbath counts
    War Pigs - if Sabbath counts
    I Don't Know - Diary of a Madman
    Diary of a Madman - if sabbath doesn't count
    Flying High Again - Diary of a Madman - if Sabbath doesn't count

    I met ozzy in March of 1984, back stage at a concert that I won a writing contest to get on stage with him when I waz 14. I waz speechless - something very unusual 4 me!
    google me!
  • crazy train
    fire in the sky
    youre no different
    road to nowhere
    oh s#*t do i have too stop with only five

  • Who the hell chooses favorites, they are all my favorite. But, if I honestly had to choose, it would probably be:

    Well, I just typed deleted my list, because its simply too much to have to decide upon 5 out of so many amazing songs.

    Instead, I shall choose my 5 favorite Albums.

    1.) Blizard of Oz
    2.) Diary of a Madman
    3.) No More Tears
    4.) The Ultimate Sin

    Some notable favorites of his songs are:

    -The Entire album of Blizard of Oz, Diary of a Madman, and No More Tears.
    -Bark at the Moon
    -Back on Earth
    -The Liar
    -Miracle Man
    -Killer of Giants
    -Shot in the Dark
    -Secret Loser
    -Lightning Strikes
    -Life Won't Wait
    -My Little Man
    -Rock n' Roll Rebel
    -Breaking all the Rules

    Just saying, there is too many good songs to choose, if you want to have a choice where there is a lot of bad and no good so you can choose favorites, go listen to someone else, because remember, he is "OZZY NOT RONNIE FUCKING DIO"

  • Damn its hard to pick a favorite Ozzy Song.
    But heres the songs that make me cry every time i hear them:

    - So Tired (Beautiful song, made me cry first time i heard it)
    - Flying High Again (Im flying high with Ozzy, when i listen to it)
    - Suicide Solution (Taught me that Suicide is a wrong decition for me to make)
    - Perry Mason (Beautiful heavy melody)
    - Diggin' Me Down (Great Intro, and beautiful Minor notes at 4:30)

    It was hard for me to pick my favorites.
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    No More Tears

    Crazy Train

    Mama, I'm Coming Home

    Iron Man
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