What's in the foam?

myself and a friend of mine went to see OZZY in January and got soaked 4 times with foam....everything was fine until we got home when my skin started to turn red,even after having a shower, basically the places where my skin wasnt covered.....when my friend got up the next morning his eyes were almost sealed shut because they were so irrittated.....I have nothing against ozzy at all but would love to know whats in the stuff???


  • ScapegoatScapegoat Posts: 1,557
    The Yellow Cake..................

    Man I feel sorry for you, lmao!



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  • omg nasty! but kinda funny if you stop and think about it... imagine wat ull have 2 say @ the doctors...Ozzy Osbourne sprayed me with this fuckin foam! LOL but hope u both get better

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  • heh heh...
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