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In England on the Number 10 Web site is a Petition to get Ozzy Knighted. Today there are only 24 of us. Why not log on and register your vote where it counts. He is number one, he does do Chartity work (thats not listed on the petition, it should be), He is the grand daddy of heavy metal, He has created so much music, and influenced most people, so go on DO IT! Folow the instruction. You do not have to live in England, as long as you Live in a Commonwealth Country, or Crown Dependancey. Why have you not signed up yet, our man deserves it. I am not sure of the lost dependancey of America counts, so just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • can you send the site cause i search on the web site and don't find it.
  • If they knight Ozzy they better knight Tony too, or else they'll hear a ton of shit from me...

    Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)
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    Sorry for not giving better details earlier. To register your vote go to "". This should get you there. Unfortunately for our American cousins, I live about 7 miles from Ozzy's parental home, and about the same from Geezers home. I agree The original line up should knighted as they as a collective are the grand daddy's of Heavy Metal. If others feel that the others should get knighted, then please contact the Number 10 website, and start a petition. It wiltell you thatyou must be british/commonwealth/dependant citizen etc.
    So if you fit the bill, get voting, as Ozzy and co deserve it.
    Concerning Paul mac cartney, so what, if a teen band had tried to release his last out pouring they would got to see the A and R person!
    Concerning Dio, you would feel like crap if you were sacked and replaced. I think Ozzy, is old enough and wise enough to have mellowed down, with age. Yes Ozzy is the best, but the other have done some desent stuff, as a collective. Heaven and hell, just do thier songs, not Ozzy material.
    Any way click on, and sign the petition ASAP

    Number 1
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    F*** i can't sign cause i don't live in UK
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    Sorry for any misinformation. I did not read the blurb to well. The pettion was set up by a fan at the Number 10 website. I only hope that enough fans sign up, and high light what Oxxy and co have done. He has met the Queen, when she hosted a party at the Palace. I was slightly pissed when he came on with Tony, so the TV volume went up. They only did Paraniod, but it looks like the Royal Princes enjoyed the set. I managed to get the BBC DVD - OA0845D - "Party at the Palace" 3rd June 2002. Ricky Martin opened the night, but is not on the DVD. That Say's a lot. It just so happens Paul Mac cartney is featured along with Brian Wilson, and Eric Clapton. Brian May and Phil Colins accomanied Ozzy and Tony.

    Anyway, I was under the Impression that Canada has people Knighted, so perhaps there is another outlet, to tell the World. I have gone a way, and had careful thought, due to the potential implications. We do want to stay above the law, and not be sleezy. I must confess to having relatives in AB, and CA, who could use my address as they are related, I supose. We have the following providers in England: Tiscalli, AOL, Hotmail, etc, all on dot com, or dot UK. Have you ever had a holiday (vacation) in the mother country? where did you stop, was it relatives, B+B, Hotel, Friend, Pen Friend, etc. Let common sense prevail.

    I first Saw Ozzy at Birmingham's NEC on the Talk of the Devil Tour, 1980/81? Birmingham Odeon, NEC, Monsters of Rock Donninton Park, etal.
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    Only me again.

    Had all night to think this one through. If we are to stay legal with all of you on the other side of the pond, we must play the game. Hard I know, but at times we just got to.

    1) For those in the states recomened Ozzy for a Congesional Medal like Tony (l*@r) Blair was awarded. At least Ozzy has brought enjoyment to the American People, and not done anything interantionally embaracing!

    2) For those in Canada, try the Honors System. I think that they have one, that works like the one here in England. I think that the Aussies also have it.

    3) Literally anyone could, and should click onto "". This is where you have your chance to play the game. Select "contact Prime Minister" then select "Email Prime Minister". Then you get to "Choose a catorgary". This give you two areas to select. try them both.

    The first is International Affiars, and

    the other is plainly "Enter Your Own Topic".

    Remember, to be clear, concise, no bad langauge, and generally stress the point. At a guess some faceless Civil Servant will read it, vet it, and probally send some sort of reply. If there are enough hopefully our Gordon Brown - Prime Minister, a doudy Scot, will be made aware. I would imagine a lot will depend on the input from the World Wide Fan Base!


    In England, we have the afternoon TV Chat show hosted by "Richrad and Judy", it is on Channel 4 @ 1700hrs to 1800 hrs. They host a Book Club, where they select a number of books for the veiews to read and vote on as the best. They let the auther do a piece about the book, and then have two celebraties give thier opinion. The response is dramatic. These never heard of before authors sell shed loads of books thanks to Richard and Judy. It has been sugested that they hare behind English kids wanting to take up the study of the English Language. They even have the book club as part of the English Book awards. So the point is they have a lot of clout in publisiing popular matters. I found thier website ok "www.channel4/richardand judy" ok. It give you an idea what they are about, and who they have on the show.


    contact them direct via Email to "[email protected]".

    yet again, keepit clean and to the point, TV programs follow something worth supporting, and Ozzy needs supporting on this one. Do not forget to mention his Charity work, as this should help the cause.
    Now get sending, as I have waffled on long enough
  • LMAO @ OzzyJohn, an yes I agree Iommi and all the original line up should be knighted as well!



    Ozzy:"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)
  • Yes!!!!! goat and ozzyjohn..... we should get Tony Iommi, Dio, ect. we need them knighted too!!! that would totally be awesomeee!!!! can you imagine! they all certainly deserve it. And they have for a longgg time! Espicially the Ozz Man. =)
    The more I see, The less I know.
    The more I like to let it go.
    [snow : RHCP] :)

  • I'm living in Australia...what can I do to help this cause? Maybe I can get some votes rollin over here through my Myspace or something...any ideas??
    Rocking Out...
  • damn damn fuck its closed......

    he should have it already....
    Leave me alone dont want your promises no more.
    Cos rock n roll is my religion and my law.
    Won't ever change, may think it's strange.
    You can't kill rock n roll, it's here to stay.......

  • that url link is not coming up for me neither:(
    Rocking Out...
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    It is yet another wet bank holiday sunday here in England. Just had a personal message in, well, I have only just opened it a week late, as I forgot my password!, and due to my inemptitude I have lost the guy who sent it but it ended in _____________ 4tyler, I think. Well the sunday lunch wine is hurtling around the old body.

    Unfortunately the Epetition to our glorious political master (?) closed on 5th March 2008, and there were only 29 OZZY FANS who voted. Some leftwing crud managed to get shed loads more.

    Technically as I have already listed it became apparent that it was only open to UK residents. Well, if you could prove a UK address (pen friend, holiday, you get the jist) and, or plain .com, should have been enough. Not as though I would encorage anyone to break the law of the land(s). To see the actual blurb on the Epetition site try http// Then scroll down to or put the search in for OZZY.

    I can only appolgise for only finding out the info as it would appear TOOOOOO late in the day to master a big campaign. However, the guy who set the petition up should have done the rounds drumming up support prior to sending in the details for the Epettion. No doubt, there will be other oportunities to repeat the exercise if we are all given a greater lead time to mobilize support. So let us be rational with our line of thought, and not like some pre pubicinal idiot ranting and raving. Regretable the people upstairs in political power will only listern to rational thought! But, that is a fact of nature, along with some with their snouts firmly in the trough, or so it would appear here in England.

    The EPetition should have included the other three original members of Black Sabath, but should have listed more of Ozzy's Charity work around the world.

    So before I go, NO MATTER where YOU live in this big wide world, can YOU start the ball rolling to get OZZY recognised in YOUR Country? Hopefully Ozzy will recognised in more than one country! Yes I have been a fan since 1979, and first saw the master at Birmingham NEC on Talk (Shout) of the Devil Tour.

    So long to one and all ..... for now anyway
    Number 1
  • fuck knighthood he's the next messiah they should worship him

    Ozzy-My Love! Close the curtains and turn out the lights!
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    The TIME is NOW RIGHT to follow through with this!

    I serriously need EVERY ENGLISH, Welsh, Scotish, Irish (Northern i'm affraid) Isle of Man, Isle of Whight, Cornish Oznoid to read and let me know how serious you are about the Prince of Darkness!

    With the tour and Album coming out the time is right to purse this goal! Having briefly scanned the Queens Offical Birthday Honours list, SADLY OZZY was NOT listed. SO COME ON and let me see you.

    Once I can see how serious you are, I will start the offical ball rolling, and let you know! THIS will then mean EVERY OZNOID can send letter(s) to the folk listed to try and persude them to KNIGHT OZZY. Arise Sir Ozzy Ozbourne of Aston.

    So come on then, what are you waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Number 1
  • Why don't you start a Facebook page Andy - asking people to sign a petition if they are from overseas? It seems like you'd have better luck connecting with eligible signatures there then here.
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    I would do if I knew HOW! It strikes me that some fo your country men are one nugget short of a happy meal!

    SO lets do it!
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    x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x

    Apparently there already are groups for "Commission to Get Ozzy Osbourne Knighted," "Knight Ozzy Osbourne Already," and other variants. In the Commision group, most of the latest posts are from U.S. citizens.

    If you look, there are 3 other pages mirroring the Commission one, in Iceland, Spain, and North Korea -

    That would be a good place to get started I'd think. Check out the members there.

    How many signatures do you need?

    Maybe what you could do is get as many UK citizens as you can to commit to getting at least 100 signatures apiece, more is a bonus. That could be done sitting outside record stores or outside rock clubs or at Ozzfest - wherever. Don't you think?
  • Yes I think that Ozzy needs to be knighted. There are alot of people who have come from England that have. He has influenced so many people from artists to everyday people. He has helped us through good times and bad.This I believe should be a Mandatory!
  • Yes I think that Ozzy needs to be knighted. There are alot of people who have come from England that have. He has influenced so many people from artists to everyday people. He has helped us through good times and bad.This I believe should be a Mandatory!
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