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i saw the show in vancouver bc and holy shit what a fuckin' show!!!! ozzy fuckin' rocked!! we had the VIP pac. and let me tell you it was well worth it. Dave is the person that we coresponded with for the meet and greet and he was totally cool, one of the nicest mother fuckers out there! the band was totally nice and very easy to talk to. Zakk, mike , blasko and adam were the fuckin' coolest people. Zakk's BLS security was awsome! they helped me get my guitar signed and were just great guys. then we went downstairs to meet the man himself! HOLY FUCK!!! he is such a caring person. then front row seats for the show. even ozzy's head of security , i think his name was scott, i'm not sure, (please forgive me if i'm wrong) was cool. one of the nicest guys i've ever met.


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    That's totally awesome; I love it when artists really seem to care for their fans and it's not just a shtick on stage, ya know? I am not rich enough to spend over $300, let alone $1000, for a meet n greet with Ozzy, but if they offer a platinum pack for the Black Sabbath reunion tour (which will happen!), I am definitely saving up my dough.
  • Sounds like you had a killer night!!!!!
  • Has anybody with the VIP package got their pre-concert photos posted on the website that they said they were going to be on ? Can't seem to find any pictures anywhere.
  • I had vip platinum pass for ozzy in Edmonton- where are the pictures???? What web site are they posting them on????-I checked out AEG LIVE-nothing! No signed band poster in so called exclusive gift bag. What's going on???
  • I had the VIP platinum in Saskatoon and I still don't have my picture posted yet....what's weird is there's a few people on there from Saskatoon but I'm not. I was told the pics were gonna be posted a week after the show and it's been like 6 weeks now...anyone know how to contact Big Dave???
  • How much do these meet 'n greets cost? $1000? Are you kidding?
    Fuck that. Whats up with meeting your fans for free?
    I've met Ozzy several times over the years just by hanging around outside venues or backstage after shows. To me it seems wierd having to pay extortionate prices to meet your hero, whats going on?

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  • here here. it's because that's what it's all about, the dough, for the promoters and managers. it would be phenomenal if the honor of taking proportionately HUGE amounts of free $$ (or not free, but debted $$) to see your favorite band would be repayed by random fans getting to be moved front & center, and have free meet & greet. DAMN. that would sell concert tickets FOR SURE. better odds then the lottery, and for many, a better payoff then $$.
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