Crazy Babies Video

Who were th creepy girls in the Crazy Babies video? Anyone Know?


  • they were just young actresses, no relationship to Ozzy, that I know of
  • I have been trying to figure out the same thing for years. I did however find out who the girl to the Left side of Ozzy is. Her name is Liberty Ross. But I cannot find who the other 2 Girls on the Right side of him are. Those are the 2 I really want to know about. If anybody reads this and does know who they are Please Do Tell.

  • They are All Crazy because of the Triad. It's Psychological. We are all born out of a Triad; the Father, the Mother, and the Children!

    Remember the Children of the Grave if your talking about Revolution!

    Crazy babies are simply Children of the Grave........


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